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What We Do

X-AVA makes getting to space simple.

X-AVA is the world's only agency that can design and execute brand activations, research, or humanitarian campaigns from above the Kármán line. By combining two decades of significant branding experience with over two decades of aerospace management, engineering, and mission implementation, X-AVA opens the doors to the untapped potential for global brand leadership.

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Innovation X Creative Engineering

Innovation X Creative Engineering

Innovation X Creative Engineering

Building Space Activation Missions



Our creative and engineering teams collaborate with you to conceptualize your activation campaign and turn it into a legitimate space mission.



Your mission is put through the rigors of detailed aerospace engineering and experienced program management to create a highly-detailed mission plan that serves as the playbook and schedule for your mission.



We celebrate the success of your mission together as we watch the launch live, feel the thunder of the thrusters, and marvel at the graceful deployment of your campaign.

Entry-level mission campaigns

Similar to campaigns on earth such as brand placement or collaboration, entry-level missions offer the opportunity to work with space organizations that have high visibility and cultural influence with less cost and technical complexity.

Adventurous mission campaigns

Truly defined by a pioneering spirit, adventurous missions are executing simply that which has never been done before. It requires custom hardware and intensive planning, but ultimately the sky gives way to only the limits of our imagination.